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What's Nustino?

Are you a health nut who's always counting calories and checking labels? Your diet is filled with difficult compromises and sacrifices? Well, we've got the perfect solution for you! We make snacks not only healthy and guilt-free but also ridiculously irresistible. Our products are all based on nuts, nature's gift of goodness, packed with essential nutrients that keep you feeling full and satisfied. But Nustino is more than that. It's a pleasure you can afford without remorse!

Revolutionary peanut butter powder Nustino

Peanut butter is hard to resist. Unfortunately, it’s one of those guilty pleasures, as it contains extremely high level of fat. Is there any way to enjoy the richness of natural taste without having to worry about calorific consequences? THERE IS and it's within your reach! Nustino is not your typical peanut butter. The peanuts we use go through the process of pressing which makes them lose up to 90% of fat! In effect it turns into powder. After mixing it with water or other liquid, it becomes fluffy cream which looks just like regular peanut butter. Perfection in its simplicity! Are you an active person? Do you do sports? You’ll be delighted as almost 50% of the product are proteins in its purest form. Besides carbohydrates and reduced level of fat, it’s rich in cellulose. The revolutionary changes don’t affect the taste. The depth of natural composition and tempting creamy form makes Nustino a practically perfect product. The one that preserves the advantages of its predecessor and eliminates its disadvantages!

Nustino roasted almonds – tasty snack without sacrifice

Crisps, crackers, salty sticks... Are you tired of those boring, greasy snacks that leave you feeling guilty and bloated? Ditch those unhealthy options and indulge in Nustino roasted almonds, the ultimate, tasty yet healthy snack! Our unique roasting method uses inulin, a natural plant fiber, instead of fat, giving you a snack that's significantly lower in calories and packed with protein, healthy fats, and fiber. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a handful of Nustino almonds and satisfy your cravings without compromising your health or waistline!

Why Nustino?

Do you love the unique taste of peanut butter? Do you find it hard to give up salty bites between meals at work or school? Say goodbye to those bland, unsatisfying options and hello to Nustino, that combines all the goodness of nuts with a healthy twist! Your taste buds will thank you, and your body will thank you even more! Here's what makes Nustino so special:

Aż 90% mniej tłuszczu


 Prosty naturalny skład


Bardzo wysoka zawartość protein


Uniwersalne zastosowania kulinarne


Deliciously inspiring

Ready for a nutty adventure? Nustino is more than just about delicious and healthy snacks. Our innovative powdered peanut butter and roasted almonds are like culinary chameleons, adapting to any recipe and adding a touch of nutty goodness. Want to whip up fluffy Nustino cream for your pancakes? Or create a protein-packed shake to fuel your workout? Maybe you're craving a crunchy almond twist in your salad? Whatever your taste buds desire, Nustino is ready to play along!

We've been experimenting with Nustino ourselves, and the results have been mind-blowing! Check out our blog for simple yet sensational recipes to get you started. But that's just the beginning. Nustino's potential is limitless, and we want you to be a part of the culinary revolution. Share your Nustino creations with us using the hashtag #mynustino. Let's show the world what these nutty gems can do!


"I'm all about healthy eating, but when those mid-work munchies hit, it was always so tempting to grab a bag of chips or some salty sticks. Now I always keep a pack of Nustino on hand, and my diet woes are a thing of the past! :)"

- Heather, Glasgow

"Just what I've been looking for! Perfect natural ingredient for my protein shakes. Low in fat, high in proteins. That's it!"

- Jacek, Kraków

"90% less fat and still delicious. Peanut butter no longer a guilty pleasure :D"

- Katja, Bremen


Nustino peanut butter!
Our peanut butter products with reduced fat content are very popular among healthy food lovers. As it turns out, Nustino can also be a great addition to beer. Who convinced us were two Polish breweries who launched their innovative products to the market. How is it possible? Let’s find out!
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