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Peanut Butter - online shop -
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What's Nustino?

Peanut butter is hard to resist. Unfortunately, it’s one of those guilty pleasures, as it contains extremely high level of fat. Is there any way to enjoy the richness of natural taste without having to worry about calorific consequences? THERE IS and it's within your reach! Nustino is not your typical peanut butter. The peanuts we use go through the process of pressing which makes them lose up to 90% of fat! In effect it turns into powder. After mixing it with water or other liquid, it becomes fluffy cream which looks just like regular peanut butter. Perfection in its simplicity! Are you an active person? Do you do sports? You’ll be delighted as almost 50% of the product are proteins in its purest form. Besides carbohydrates and reduced level of fat, it’s rich in cellulose. The revolutionary changes don’t affect the taste. The depth of natural composition and tempting creamy form makes Nustino a practically perfect product. The one that preserves the advantages of its predecessor and eliminates its disadvantages!

Why Nustino?

Nustino is a peanut butter in the revolutionary form of powder. Just mix it with water or other liquid and you’ll get a healthy natural snack with highly reduced fat level. Find out what makes our product so special and how we managed to do it:

Aż 90% mniej tłuszczu


 Prosty naturalny skład


Bardzo wysoka zawartość protein


Uniwersalne zastosowania kulinarne


Deliciously inspiring

Nustino ain't your regular peanut butter. Thanks to its practical powdered form it mixes perfectly with a huge range of natural ingredients. It allows you to create delicious low-calorie desserts. Fancy trying pancakes, porridge, ice-cream or other delights in a perfectly healthy defatted form? Now it's all within your reach!

Przed wprowadzeniem produktu na rynek samodzielnie przetestowaliśmy jego możliwości. Efekty naszego pichcenia przeszły najśmielsze oczekiwania! Tutaj znajdziecie autorskie przepisy na przekąski, które bez problemu sami przygotujecie w domowym zaciszu. Oczywiście nasze pomysły tylko częściowo wykorzystują ogromny poteThe effects of our culinary experiments with Nustino exceeded everyone's expectations! In our blog section you will find recipes for snacks which can be easily prepared at home. Obviously, it's just a beggining. The huge potential of Nustino is yet to be discover and you can be a part of it! Share your inspirations with us. Mark the delicacies adding the hashtag #mynustino. We're waiting!


"I was afraid that in such form it would lose the taste, in reality it's practically the same thing as typical peanut butter! Won't buy regular pb anymore!"

- Heather, Glasgow

"Just what I've been looking for! Perfect natural ingredient for my protein shakes. Low in fat, high in proteins. That's it!"

- Jacek, Kraków

"90% less fat and delicious. Peanut butter no longer a guilty pleasure :)"

- Katja, Bremen


Nustino peanut butter!
Our peanut butter products with reduced fat content are very popular among healthy food lovers. As it turns out, Nustino can also be a great addition to beer. Who convinced us were two Polish breweries who launched their innovative products to the market. How is it possible? Let’s find out!
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