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Nustino Powdered Peanut Butter Chocolate 200g

Nustino Powdered Peanut Butter Chocolate 200g

Here’s the one you can’t miss. Peanut butter and chocolate is a well-known and widely enjoyed duo and Nustino takes it to the new level! The Rich Chocolate variation, apart from powdered peanut butter, contains cocoa and sugar. Genuine classic in the natural guilt-free version!

For information on nutrition facts scroll down to “Product Details” section.

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  • Description

    Nustino is peanut butter in an unusual form of... powder! How does it work? It’s simple! We press our peanuts to separate and remove up to 90% of fat. As a result, they turn into a powder containing almost 50% of protein! Just mix it with water or liquid, and you will get a delicious puffy cream with great taste and universal culinary use. Nustino will be an excellent addition to diet cakes, sandwiches or desserts. If you’re into sports, you can also use it to prepare protein shakes for gym. There’s a wide range of culinary uses. Some of them are described on our blog, but there’s certainly a lot more to discover. That’s why we encourage you to share your own ideas for Nustino. Let your imagination be the only limit!

    Product Details

    Data sheet

    Flavour variation
    200 g
    Defatted roasted peanuts, sugar, cocoa, salt
    Nutritional value (100 g of the finished product prepared with water in 50:50 proportions):
    Energy value
    226 kcal
    Fats (including sat. fatty acids)
    6,0 g (0,9 g)
    Carbohydrates (including sugars)
    20 g (10 g)
    6,2 g
    20 g
    0,5 g